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Confinement Centre

A place for you to Rest and Relax, to Recover and Rejuvenate your Health and Well Being, to Heal and Regain your Beauty.

Often New Mothers have not enough rest during their postpartum and this leads them in serious health condi-tion where they undergoes mental stress and postpartum blues.

New mothers are left all alone without any proper help-er and family members are busy with their tight work schedule. Some of the new mothers even does not have any experience in dealing with such situation.

See our offered packages which may meet the com-fort that you have always wished for.


  • A Comfort Room to Stay
  • A Staff Nurse to Care
  • The Malay Traditional Post Natal Treatment
  • The Healthy Confinement Meals
  • Newborn Nursing Care
  • Free Basic Laundry Service



Confinement Mothers Stay: Normal & C-Sect Delivery
Right after delivery or from 3rd day till 40 days of postpartum period.
Slimming Program Stay: Normal Delivery
After 30 days till 90 days of after delivery.

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